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Home Care

We provide care to the elderly, disabled children and housebound individuals in their own homes on a one to one basis. Our management team has a wide range of skills and abilities which are harnessed to ensure the highest possible standard of care. read more

Care For Young Adults

If you require escorting services to attend local events, such as cinema showings, drama and performing arts, sporting or other activities, whether you have physical challenges or a mental disability please make contact. We are experienced in providing care in the home for young adults, whilst promoting independence and assisting transition into independent adult life. read more

Blitz Clean Service

We have a dedicated team of Experienced Blitz/Deep Cleaning operatives. No matter how cluttered, messy or dirty the property is, we can help. We provide jet and steam cleaning for hard and soft furnishings, and can organise skip hire if necessary. read more

Learning & Physical Disabilities Care

Our staff are trained on Moving And Handling in our custom built training facility. They are fully conversant in Manual Handling and Health and Safety. We deliver care to individuals with Learning Disabilities/ Mental Health issues and currently do so for Oxleas NHS Foundation trust, several Local Authorities and Self-Funders. read more

Dementia and Alzheimer's care

Our staff are continuously trained on the effects that Dementia and Alzheimer’s can have. They are trained to understand the changes that the disease has on the individual and the wider impact it has on family members and loved ones. read more

Care For Children

Do you require assistance with respite care, care services or escorting for your child? Our staff are fully vetted and trained to deliver safe, fun, stimulating care sessions. We have successfully delivered this service to Local Children’s Charity ‘Carer’s Lewisham’ for more than 22 years. read more

Live In Care Services

We provide care to the elderly, disabled children and housebound individuals in their own homes on a one to one basis. Our management team has a wide range of skills and abilities which are harnessed to ensure the highest possible standard of care. read more

Respite Care

We have well trained, experienced staff, ready and able to provide 24 hour care services tailored to your needs. We are ready to facilitate this tailored care to you whether via Direct Payments or self-funding. read more

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Two satisfactory references are required before you can be accepted onto the register, one of which MUST be from your most recent employer and any other person whom you consider knows you well.

Supply two references in the space below. PLEASE NOTE RELATIVES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE

Statement of Criminal History

Please list all previous addresses where you have resided in the last five years including any addresses abroad.

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The area of work that you have applied for is subject to a police check. Therefore it is essential that the following question is answered with truth and accuracy.

For the purpose of registration you must disclose all cautions or convictions including those which would normally be considered 'SPENT' under the rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974

Have you ever been convicted at a court or cautioned by the police for any offence?

If 'Yes' please you must provide details below about State Offence, the date and the Sentance / Penalty

I understand that this post is subject to a police record check especially if the care of the elderly and children are involved. This has been explained to me and I am aware that 'SPENT' cautions and convictions must be disclosed.

I hereby declare that the information I have given is true and I give my consent for any checks considered necessary to be made.

I undertake to notify the management of Harmony Home Aid Services, if they continue to be my employer, of any convictions proven against me whilst they are my employer.


It is understood and agreed that any misrepresentation by me on this application form will be sufficient cause for cancellation of this application and or termination from the company's service if I have already been employed. If documents submitted as proof of identity proves to be false in any way the proper authorities will be informed in every case.

I give the management of Harmony the right to investigate all references and to secure additional information about me provided that it is job related. I hereby release Harmony Home Aid Services and its representatives from liability in seeking such information and all others persons, corporations or organisation for furnishing such information.

I understand that in the event of being short-listed for interview, I will be required to complete a confidential declaration in respect of the state of my physical and mental health. Also, because of the sensitive nature of the duties, I will be required to give information of any criminal convictions, cautions, reprimands and final warnings and any other information, which might have a bearing on my suitability of the post. I understand also that an Enhanced Disclosure will be undertaken through the Criminal Records Bureau if my application is successful.

At Harmony we regard Equal Opportunities and nondiscriminatory practice as essential factors in how we operate our business. This approach assists us to adopt good practice and act lawfully. We understand that all staff members must have a full and complete understanding of the policy as well as being kept abreast of any subsequent changes.

Discrimination in any form is wrong from a societal perspective, is illegal and can be extremely detrimental to an organization found to be in breach. We also deem it imperative that we have an integrated workforce. For these reasons we take the responsibility of ensuring that ALL levels of staff are aware of what is expected of them.

The 9 Protected Characteristics

We ensure that staff is aware of the nine protected characteristics of Age, Disability,Gender Reassignment, Race, Religion or Belief, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Marriage or Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity. We have specific training sessions provided once a year to each employee with accompanying knowledge tests at the end of the session.

In regards to each characteristic we give the employee specific scenarios pertinent to each, ensuring that they are aware of them and how to avoid ensuring compliance:

1.     Race — ensuring that opportunities are available to all and that none are excluded due to their race. Also ensures that no employee is victimized due to their race.

2.     Sex — ensuring no assumptions are made about the person's ability to do a particular job based upon their sex. Attempts are made at eliminating the barriers to the individual.

3.     Gender reassignment — ensuring no individual is the recipient of bullying of harassment based upon their reassignment. Those other staff members are given training and information about the subject to ensure ignorance of the issue is diminished.

4.     Marriage or civil partnership — ensuring that a person's marital/civil partnership status does not expose them to unfair treatment.

5.     Religion and belief — ensuring that all employees are educated on their religious differences, what constitutes unacceptable language and how to avoid unacceptable incidents.

6.     Sexual orientation — ensuring zero discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation. Individuals are not passed up for promotions due to their sexual orientation.

7.     Disability — ensuring no assumptions are made about the person's ability to do a particular job based upon a disability. Attempts are made at eliminating the barriers to the disabled individual.

8.     Pregnancy and maternity — ensuring that job offers are made and promotions carried out for these individuals in the same way as everybody else.

9.     Age — ensuring zero discrimination based on a person's age. Individuals are not passed up for promotions for example due to being deemed too young or old.

The information we collect is stored confidentially and securely. Data legislation protects you and your data. All personal information is stored confidentially and can only be accessed by authorised persons in Human Resources. Once collected, this information can show us who is joining and leaving the company, we can see whether everyone in the Harmony is treated fairly and whether staff are given equal access to training and development opportunities. Completing this information will help us to deliver against our diversity commitments and contribute to an inclusive working environment for all colleagues. We respect an individual's right not to disclose this information.

I understand also that an Enhanced Disclosure will be undertaken through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) if my application is successful.
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