Harmony Team

Our team is made up of experienced care operatives, indeed our managing director and Head Supervisor are former Nurses. This experience and know-how is hugely beneficial to our service users, and our staff in the delivery of services. Our allocations team are very experienced and have worked together for over ten years, and understand the key component that is required when matching service user the to care worker with the appropriate skills.

Day-to-day Manager - Rufine Nouteli

Rufine, has been a part of Harmony for more than 18 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the care sector. Through diligence and hard work, she has gained the respect of her colleagues within the company and also within the various London and Kent boroughs in which the company operates.

Whilst working at Harmony she made effective use of her time by undertaking a course in Psychology at the Open University and attaining a BA (Honours) degree.  In addition, she took several short courses including, Dementia care, Stoma Care, Stress management amongst others and was at one time responsible for staff training within the company.

As the day-to-day manager, Rufine is responsible for ensuring that the company is managed efficiently and that the care workers receive effective training to enable them to deliver a high-quality service, for which the company has come to be recognised throughout the region in which we have operated for many years.

Senior Area supervisor - Althea Hemley
Althea is Harmony’s senior Supervisor and is responsible for the supervision of the hands-on care delivered by the care workers. She is also responsible for ensuring that the care workers have all the necessary support to enable them to carry out their duties with a heightened sense of care delivery and confidence and in so doing, can observe where additional training might be necessary to ensure that a consistently high standard of care is delivered each time, whilst also ensuring compliance within the CQC regulations and guidelines.

Senior Care worker - Sarah Southern
Sarah joined Harmony almost three years ago and during that time she has established herself as one of the company’s leading care workers, in effect, ‘the go-to person’. Since starting, Sarah has undertaken rigorous and continuous training with enthusiasm and has developed into a highly valued and valuable member of the team.  She assists the senior Supervisor with the practical induction training of new care workers, by shadowing and supporting them in the workplace to ensure their hands-on performance and care skills meets with the company’s required standard of care delivery.

Allocations officer - Imoni Agege
Imoni is the allocation officer and is responsible for the rostering, scheduling, and bidding for care packages offered by the boroughs. She also is responsible for monitoring and updating the company’s Electronic Call Monitoring system (ECM). This post calls for diligence and care, to ensure that no service user ever misses a visit and she is directly responsible to the day-to-day manager.

Accounts Assistant - Malu Maketha
Malu has worked for Harmony Home Aid Services for over 7 years and has successfully over that time completed her BA in business management and training in bookkeeping. In her role within the account’s office, she is tasked with the monitoring of staff timesheets, preparing and submitting invoices for payment and monitoring payments receipts accordingly, whilst ensuring staff salaries are calculated and paid on time. Maul also works closely with the external accountant, to ensure that the company finance remain on track.