Care For Young Adults

Care For Young Adults

If you require escorting services to attend local events, such as cinema showings, drama and performing arts, sporting or other activities, whether you have physical challenges or a mental disability please make contact. We are experienced in providing care in the home for young adults, whilst promoting independence and assisting transition into independent adult life.

We provide care services to Young people with both learning and physical disabilities in our community. We will match your care worker to your specific care needs from the perspective of the practical care, ensuring that the care worker is both experienced and trained in the required areas and that they share the same interests as you, so that you are allocated to somebody who enjoys the same activities you do. We view care delivery as needing to be competent, flexible and not entirely focused upon care delivery, but also the social aspects of the care. You will be given the opportunity to meet and interview any prospective care/support assistant prior to commencement of services.

We are experienced and our staff are trained in assisting with safe travel and attending local events in our community. They are constantly updated with information about local events and social activities that are available and accessible to all members of our community, whether they have a disability or not. Our staff are trained from the outset to understand and negate the barriers that society puts up against those with disability and how to challenge them when they arise and ultimately negate. The following is a non-exhaustive list of activities we have experience of:

  • Local Cinemas, including those with specific showings for those with autism, epilepsy or other disability;
  • Local Sporting Events with opportunities for participation and spectatorship;
  • Local Parks and shopping centres;
  • Dance, music, drama and performing arts classes;
  • Community forums where those with Disability and family members can meet others;
  • Local Libraries and Museum’s This is merely a snapshot of the escorting venues we have experience of.

Our Care Team Supervisor will ensure that the venues are Risk Assessed and Risk Scored prior to the visits taking place.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact our team.