Dementia and Alzheimer’s care

Dementia and Alzheimer's care

Our staff are continuously trained on the effects that Dementia and Alzheimer’s can have. They are trained to understand the changes that the disease has on the individual and the wider impact it has on family members and loved ones.

In terms of catering for specific user groups such as those with dementia, Learning Disabilities or other mental health needs, we focus our training program on ensuring that our staff are empowered with knowledge about the specific condition, how it is exhibited and what is required of the care worker to ensure the service users' needs are catered to.

The training we give in this area is heavily influenced by the methods described by Skills for Care and includes the following:

  • Value and accept the individual by seeing the person first and the dementia second
  • Communicate effectively so that the individual has the opportunity to make decisions wherever possible
  • Where an individual cannot make a decision about their own care or welfare, the care worker should act in their best interests and in the least restrictive manner
  • Develop a person-to-person relationship with the individual
  • Involve the individual with dementia in their own care planning wherever possible
  • Take account of history (personal, family, medical, etc.) and work towards meeting the needs of the whole person
  • Adhere to the value base of care (identity, dignity, respect, choice, independence, privacy, rights, culture)
  • Take account of the individual's personal beliefs including spiritual beliefs, emotional needs and preferences
  • Maintain a responsive and flexible approach to the individual, taking account of changing needs
  • Take account of some of the feelings and issues that are commonly experienced by people with dementia, for example, around loss (of control, community, etc.)

With these principles in mind and our experience in this field, we are confident that our care program will meet your care requirements.

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