Learning & Physical Disabilities Care

Learning & Physical Disabilities Care

Our staff are trained on Moving And Handling in our custom built training facility. They are fully conversant in Manual Handling and Health and Safety. We deliver care to individuals with Learning Disabilities/ Mental Health issues and currently do so for Oxleas NHS Foundation trust, several Local Authorities and Self-Funders.

Many of the service users we provide care for live with wide ranging Physical Disabilities from Limited Mobility with the aid of a Zimmer frame to individuals who are bed bound and require hoist transfers.

We also provide for a wide range of Adults and Children with Mental Health and Learning Disabilities including ADHD, Depression, Autism and Downs Syndrome. A large aspect the care provided here involves escorting the service user to enjoy external activities that promote social inclusion such as local play groups, park visits and swimming, social groups at day centres and cinema visits.

During our service provision we are entirely responsible for the well-being of the service user, their safety whilst being escorted to and from the external venue and whilst doing any set activity. Risk Assessments We are responsible for the risk assessments for both the home and the external venue.

These risk assessments are scored using H&S guidelines. Equality and Diversity If the service is focused and set in the service user’s home, our responsibility levels are to ensure the service user safety is paramount during any moving and handling task, their wellbeing is maintained through medication promoting and they are afforded their equal rights if they fall into any of the 9 protected characteristics.

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