Live-In Care Services

We provide care to the elderly, disabled children and housebound individuals in their own homes on a one to one basis. Our management team has a wide range of skills and abilities which are harnessed to ensure the highest possible standard of care.

Live in Care Services

Only after a supervisory visit and subsequent Care/Support plan will the final care worker team be assembled. This is due to our standard procedure of attempting to 'Best fit' our care workers to the needs of the individual not only in terms of the practicalities of the care but also the social/interests/personality aspect. After this, final selections will be made.

We achieve this by having one of our supervisors come along and provide a no-obligation assessment for your specific needs. The purpose of the meeting is to introduce ourselves to you and find out exactly what services you require. The supervisors will ask questions of you/family/advocate to establish what your goals are and desired outcomes. This will form the basis of our care delivery should you wish to go ahead with us. Please note, this meeting is entirely non-committal with no obligation to commence services.

Harmony has an experienced, well trained and caring workforce ready and able to cater to the Live-In care needs in our community. We ensure that the service delivery is customised to your specific needs, considering both practical and social aspects of the care. We have experience of drawing up well-balanced care rosters that are designed to put you first.

All care workers will be given a full induction on your needs, based on the findings of the care plan prior to services commencing. This ensures that each are fully aware of what is required and that they have some grounding in terms of who you are as a person and what you can expect from us. As standard our care team supervisors will conduct quarterly, spot check visits which will include an observation. This is done with a view to ascertaining your views on the service and any amendments you may desire.

If you would like more information please feel free to contact our team.